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We believe in nurturing talented young start-ups with big ideas and bags of potential.

We also understand that capital can be the key to unlocking a world of possibility for young businesses.

That’s why we’re choosing to invest in an exciting new wave of ambitious digital start-ups.


Why stop at capital?

We want to create an inspiring place where your new start-up can grow and flourish.

So we’re building The Hub, a unique digital incubator based in Stamford providing a host of practical perks and helpful resources to help you get the best start on your business journey.


What’s more, you’re in safe hands.

Our team of onsite specialists can provide the knowledge and support needed to help grow your business quickly and efficiently.

In fact, our founders Scott and Elaine Weavers-Wright have a proven track record, having grown their small family company Kiddicare into a £70m brand.

Who we are

Retail, Technology & Digital Experts

The Hub

A Space to foster Rapid Growth & Development

We want to bring something unique to the UK’s business investment landscape and give promising digital start-ups a real opportunity to grow.

That’s why we’re investing £1.5 million and working with The Tall House to create The Hub; a purpose built, 5 storey, digital business incubation centre like no other.

Situated in historic Stamford (recently voted The Sunday Times “Best Place to Live“), The Hub will provide the perfect home for your start up, offering a picturesque location with excellent travel links to London and beyond.

We want to foster a nurturing atmosphere in which multiple new businesses can thrive. That’s why The Hub will also feature collaborative workspaces and open plan areas creating the opportunity for social encounters and cross pollination.

The Hub is an inspiring place for your growing business to call home.

The Hub will create space for 200+ people in a state of the art, technology driven facility, and put a wealth of resources in the hands of our investments:

  • • Space in The Hub, to call a home
  • • 12 months Rackspace Cloud Hosting, up-to £15,900
  • • Design, Technical & Business Support
  • • Free Foundersuite Subscription
  • • Cloud Storage & Email
  • • Admin Support
  • AWS Activate Package
  • • Entrepreneurs in residence
  • • Workshops, Hackathons & Events


Our Investments & Projects

Iterate Studio


Recent posts from our blog


Haatch teams with Eccomplished for retail technology investment showcase

The UK’s only investor forum dedicated to retail technology is back.

As the pace of retail change quickens, so does the emergence of technology innovators set to reshape retail forever. Behind the most successful are ‘smart investors’ – Angels and VCs with active retail tech interests, experience and connections.

We’ve teamed up with Ecomplished for RETAIL 20:20 where these two worlds converge, pitching some of the market’s brightest retail technology prospects to an audience of retail knowledgeable Angel investors and VC’s.

If you are a retail technology innovator looking for early stage, or growth funding, we encourage you to apply here.

If you are an investor with an interest in retail technology, you can pre-register your place at the forum here.

13 May 2014 | 3.30pm | Soho Hotel, London

Pitch Day Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley Provides Perfect Habitat for Haatch-ing Digital Start-Ups

About 4 weeks ago Haatch’s nest in the Silicon Valley started to get to work on our operations in the USA under the supervision of investment scout Chris Allen.

Chris is a former Emerging Technologies Manager at retail giant Morrisons and will work across Silicon Valley to seek out the most driven investment-seeking companies. In this week’s blog we caught up with Chris to see how the first four weeks had panned out and to find out why Silicon Valley is so rife for innovative digital start-ups.

Why is Silicon Valley a hot bed for digital start-ups?
I read a stat quite a few years ago that said the Americans worked more hours than anyone else on the globe. I’m not sure if it’s true, but from the morning commute which seems to start at 5am, to the evening Meet-ups that tend to go until 10pm, the lifestyle is very work orientated – which is perfect for young businesses.

The weather helps support the scene and stimulates a healthy lifestyle orientated around business. For instance there are Founder Hikes along Lexington Dam and on Friday’s there are business events at Mountain View’s Sport’s Page where you can play volleyball outside. This enables people to conduct productive meetings in a nice, relaxed environment which is conducive to making a start-up a success.

How have we been able to get up and running so quickly?
I am a member of 28 meet-up groups for entrepreneurs, start-ups, investing etc. This has enabled me to very quickly embed myself in the scene, find out about innovative ideas and find out who might be seeking investment.

There seems to be a meet-up every day of the week and this really helps the business community to connect and creates a veritable gold mine of potential innovators! It is worth pointing out that Meetup.com is for anyone and anything. It’s so fast paced out here and people are constantly innovating.

How does this business community impact on the start-up culture?
The market out here seems very mature. There seems to be two main numbers for seed level start-ups out here, $500k and $1 million. Everyone expects that they will get funded. I have meet with some start-ups that only have months of burn left in their budgets but they still seem confident.

There is just so much to be said for the ecosystem and positive nature of that comment. People are to willing try and try and all the while remain sure it will work out until it doesn’t.

Does the region’s reputation for innovation and entrepreneurship make it a competitive market for investors?
It really is a seller’s market. Whilst the investor ultimately still holds all the cards you can see them competing with each other. Surprisingly this manifests in a positive attitude where friendly banter with each other is prevalent. This positivity between investors is probably key to the attitude start-ups have across the region, whereby they really believe they are going to succeed.

All start-ups need that positivity if they are to succeed and that probably sums up the area and why it is the perfect environment for any entrepreneur or business to Haatch!

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